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About Us

We are an education, training and consulting firm trusted by leading organizations world-wide to provide reliable guidance and training to deliver innovative courses and education in business transformation and innovation.

Our Story

RG Academy is a leading eLearning and training organization that provides education and training on user-friendly platforms to help small and medium size businesses, industries, government and enterprises deliver training to employees, partners, and customers. With 20+ years in the business, RG Academy has both the experience and dedication to deliver training solutions that are at the fore front of today's emerging needs. RG Academy's enterprise Learning Management Platform is well-suited for small to large businesses with high user volumes and requirement demands. Hundreds of companies and organizations around the world trust RG Academy to train their people, ensuring that end-customers receive high return on their eLearning investment.

Without the right training, it's nearly impossible for your company or individual's to reach their full potential. Our mission at RG Academy is to democratize learning by making premium eLearning solutions available, accessible and affordable to any single individual, company or organization worldwide.

Our Mission

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Our Values


At RG Academy, we iterate on ideas that produce learning and educational solutions that people actively use. We strive to balance usability, simplicity and fit-to-purpose solutions, paired with robustness and strong potential. We believe that great companies are built on empathy, integrity, diversity & simplicity.

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