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Online business development programs and courses that will boost your business growth.



Learn online through live, self paced, interactive sessions, community support, working alongside our expert instructors.

Meeting the Needs of Today's Professionals with Tailored Learning Solutions

In addition to our live, instructor led training, we have developed blended learning solutions to meet individual and organizations professional development goals - where, when and how you need learning to be delivered.

Our blended learning solutions leverage the flexibility and convenience of our online, self-paced training and the personal connection and accountability of in-person instruction and support.

In Class & Virtual Instructor Led

On Demand and Online

Blended Learning

Team Training

Expert Coaching and Support

People Transformation and Education

RG Academy helps accelerate transformation by accelerating the technological confidence & competence of people.


Organizations are becoming increasingly porous. Working at different speeds across the organization, they have both the benefits and issues of disparate and diverse workforces. One of the most significant change vectors is technology, constantly adding new ways and places of working to this mix.


Organizations face the need to build a learning culture by improved teamwork and experimentation to overcome these problems, growing human and technological collaboration to better understand the effects of more productive usage of time, space and attitude.


Our online learning and workshop capabilities  develop people competencies including learning, communication and influencing, that help people understand data, AI, Blockchain, Mobility and automation. You will learn how to evolve your approach, enhance digital capabilities to innovate and collaborate across both physical and technology spaces, and help IT operate as a peer to your digital business leaders.

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